Betfair registration and introduction
I have tested many sports betting sites until I found the best one, Betfair.

At this company, odds are very high. They are interested in making You win and play even more, because they use quite a different business model than most bookmakers.
Why is Betfair interested in our win?
Most sports betting companies are NOT interested in your win! They want You to lose (even if they don't communicate this). The reason is very simple: if You lose, then they get money from You.

Therefore, if You win too much, then they restrict You soon. They determine what amount can You bet with on a certain match. If You keep winning, then they lower the upper limit of the amount to bet on a single match. Moreover, they may limit You several ways, and in the end it is not worth to bet there.

Betfair is different. Betfair matches the bettors, and deducts commission fee from the prize. This is his profit. However, after deducting the commission, You will get more money, since odds are much higher compared to other companies. The amount of commission varies in each country, here You can see how much:
Example of Betfair's operation:
I tell You that:
Liverpool will win, and I bet 100 EUR.

Another person says that:
No. Manchester won't win, and he bets 100 EUR.

Then the system matches the bets, then deducts the commission from the winners, and the loser pays to the winner.

The whole things works automatically. You don't have to deal with it. However, the system is much more complex, but this is not the point here.

I just wanted You to understand its operation, that they are with You, and they are interested to make You win for long.
Betfair registration page
Back type bet:
Its use is virtually the same as normal bet.

Let's check it through an example. The basic user interface is simple. Choose a random football match and click on its name. I have chosen the Liverpool v. Man. Utd. Match.

In case of Liverpool v. Man. Utd. Match, we 'back' bet with 100 EUR on Liverpool:
Betfair registration and introduction.
As You can see on the image, Betfair calculates everythin for us. If Liverpool wins, then we win 128 EUR and of course our money will be returned. So 100 (deposited money) x 2.28 (odds) = 228 EUR will be credited.

If You click on the link 'View full market' below the bet type, then You can see what is the maximum amount to bet on a certain odds.

Here You can see that currently You can bet 8,109 EUR with 2.28 odds on Liverpool. If it is not enough for You, then You may bet max. 26,186 EUR with 2.26 odds. With 2.24 odds, You can bet 20,949 EUR.

However, this is continuously changing. Most people make their bet prior to the match, this time You can bet with some hundred thousands EUR, so their will be enough liquidity.
Betfair registration and introduction.
Lay type bet
Counter-bet, so You bet on that a certain event will not occur. At Lay bet, You always win the twice of the deposited amount, however, in case of losing (Lay multiplier x deposited amount) – You lose the deposited amount.

The system exactly calculates everything. Now we bet on that the certain match won't be a draw. In case of Lay, two out of three outcomes are good for us.
Betfair registration and introduction.
If Liverpool wins, we win 100 EUR. If Manchester wins, we win 100 EUR. If they draw, then we lose 250 EUR.
Closing a bet during the game (Cash Out)
You may also close a bet with profit during the game, if the match is going to be good from the bet's aspect.

You have to look for the match that You bet, then the type of bet (in this case Under 2.5 Goals), and click on the 'Cash Out' button. If the button does not show up, then there is a separate 'Cash Out' menu section, where all valid, not-yet closed bets can be seen.
Betfair registration and introduction.
Tracking already made bets
You can check your bets already made on this site:
Betfair registration and introduction.
Open / Matched
You can see actual, valid bets here, which the system managed to match.

Sometimes it occurs that if You provide a too high amount at a certain odds, the system is unable to pair them, or it can't match the full amount.

Then You have two choices:
Wait and check it 5 mins prior to the match. If the system managed to match them, then everything is all right.

If not, then click on the 'Unmatched' button. Here You can find those matches, that have not been matched yet.

Click on the name of the actual match, then check what amounts can You actually take at what odds.

I provided here high odds to prevent the system match them, Here You can see, that You can bet at 2.28 odds at the max. 50,000 EUR,

You have to rewrite the odds from 3.5 to 2.28, and press the 'Update' button, and your bet will become valid:
Betfair registration and introduction.
Or You can skip the step of waiting 5 mins prior to the match, but lower the odds right now.
You can find the data of the already played matches.
Account deposit
Withdrawal from the account

OK, You can use all features on Betfair, that are absolutely necessary to use my strategies above.

Would You like to know what are the 4 reasons people are NOT successful in sports betting? I am going to tell You in details in my next e-mail.

Talk soon,